The Beginning

Race to Creation

There are whispers of a woman who was the first beginning. Some say she is a myth but the stories continue to be told. The prophecy tells of a day when her bones will reveal the One True Mother.

african mother

Start Your Quest

Assemble your tribe to receive a clue from the Three Supreme Beings:

“Seek a map from the ancients, forged in starlight, tumbling down through the night, shattered in the fall. Pieces on the wind across the land of the people.

In the ruins of great kingdoms, secret caves, battlefields of the dead, the pieces lay hidden. The map to a doorway of travel through time.

Your mission is to open the door.”

Evil Among us

Find the Map

african mother

The Kush Empire

Search the crypts of the Kings for Taharqa. In his  sarcophagus lies what you seek.  Beware the protectors who guard the precious Ankh.

african mother

Creatures of the Dead

The deity Babi is keeper of the underworld, guarded by his baboons. You must venture past the gate. But do not tarry to rejoin the the living in the Land of Punt.

african mother


Far south in the Blombas Caves, evidence of the makers abound. Tools, art, and language light the way. The artist’s ochre is what you seek. Beware the shifting tides.

african mother

lake Makgadikgadi

When San and Khoi peoples hunted and farmed, Botswana was fertile land. It’s here the final secret lies. But time is tricky. The foolish, like the land, turn to salt.

How It Works

Decipher the Signs

Once you have the map, you have to read it. If you can’t translate the directions, who knows where you’ll end up.

Choose the Journey

There is more than one option for your destination. Choose carefully. Time travel is tricky. Watch your back, there is evil afoot.

Grab Your Go Bag

As the portal opens, a go-bag appears at the feet of the travelers. You don’t have time to look inside.

Enter the Portal

Step into the portal. Stay close together. There are twists and turns in the corridor that can take you off track.

Get Your Clue

Enter a new timeline and a clue for this quest is immediately apparent. Race to find another piece of information that leads to creation.

If Things Go Wrong

Time doesn’t always follow the rules. Your go-bag is your only hope,

Gather Tokens | Complete the Quest

History hides a piece of the puzzle | Travel Thru Time  | Orishas and Magicks Abound

Clipper ship

Slave Rebellion on Little George

In, June 1730, a revolt by captured African slaves took place on the British ship Little George. The men escaped their chains and overpowered the crew. They sailed the ship back to Africa and abandoned it at the Sierra Leone River.

Join the rebellion and seize the ship

george floyd mural

The George Floyd Murder

George Floyd died on Memorial Day, May 25, 2020, on a Minneapolis, Minnesota street. He was suffocated to death by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who calmly held his knee on Floyd’s neck for over nine minutes.

Be a witness and watch Chauvin’s trail

Bantu woman

The Bantu Migration

Around 1000 BC, Bantu speakers moved south from Cameroon and Nigeria. They came in waves to Southern and Central Africa. The cultures of the Pygmy people (forgers) and the Khoisan people (hunter/gathers) were replaced by farming and animal husbandry.

Trek through ancient Africa

Barack Obama

Barack Obama's Inauguration

Barack Obama was the 44th President of the U.S. and the first Black man elected to the office.  Join the record setting crowd at his inauguration and attend the after inauguration events and 10 different inaugural balls.

Revisit America’s first Black President

uprising against German rule

Maji Maji Uprising

Germany colonized Tanganyika (now Tanzania) in 1898, ruling with violence and aggression. The rebellion lasted more than 2 years, the first serious assault on German rule. The term Maji Maji was came from the idea certain waters could stop German bullets.

Fight back against German rule

bob marley

Reggae Sunplash

In 1978,  the world was introduced to Caribbean music at Reggae Sunsplash in Jamaica. Headliners Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff jumped on board. Hosted at Jarrett Park in Montego Bay, it attracted an average daily audience of 16,000.

Experience reggae at it’s source

mural for tuskegee airman

The Tuskegee Airmen

The Tuskegee Airmen were the first Black military aviators in the U.S. Army Air Corps. The Black aviators broke through the segregation of U.S. Military over 1000 pilots were trained in Tuskegee, Alabama. Eleanor Roosevelt visited the field giving it a high-profile boost of support.

Fly with the first Black pilots

fugitive slave

Capture of Anthony Brown

On May 24, Virginia fugitive slave Anthony Burns is captured in Boston under the provisions of the Fugitive Slave Act. In Boston, 50,000 residents watch his transport in shackles. A Boston church raises $1,500 to purchase his freedom and Burns returns to the city in 1855, a free man.

Stand with Anthony Brown

poster of Mandela on street

South African Apartheid

The white segregationist government of South Africa created laws to steal property from black landowners and created a population registry designated by race. Nelson Mandela and the African National Conference led the protests. Mandela was jailed for 27 years.

Experience apartheid first hand

Rep. Shirley Chisholm addressing delegates at the Democratic National Convention.

Miami, 1972.  Be there.


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