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Many come to accomplish the quest, heroes and villains alike. Build your tribe and be the first to recover the sacred bones.



humanity has traveled far from

our beginnings in anceint africa

There are whispers of a woman whose line is unbroken to this day. Some say she is a myth, yet still the stories are passed from one generation to the next.

The prophecy is that one day the bones will speak. One day the truth will be known.

One Mother who carries the building blocks of all human life. The One True Mother of us all.

We must reclaim our way



Choose Your Player


we are the builders of great cities and the creators of written word.


we are the soldiers who fight the never-ending battle between good and evil. 


we are the practitioners of ancient ways, infused with the power of the Mother.

Online, multi-player environment • Accumulate powers, weapons and tools • Journey alone or travel with a tribe



Our journey is one of building, inventing, discovering the tools and trades to move our people forward.

We call to the  architects, the engineers, the entrepreneurs. We built the great cities and put the fire to use.

Here you will find the artisans, craftsmen and women, the makers of art, language and music.

We map the roads on this journey. We design the bridges, the buildings – we think beyond what’s now known.

We were the first to create the written word, we can read the ancient scripts on the signposts that guide your path.



For us, the journey crosses dimensions, we travel between the physical and spiritual plane. 

We were brought into existence by the Three Supreme Beings.

We are the Orishas, the shamans, the healers. We hold the magicks of centuries past, the spells and the rituals. For good or for evil, we are the witches, the popes and the priestesses.

We carry the memory of the One Mother, we are the children of her line.  We can summon and channel her collective power.

We are a powerful ally and a dangerous foe.



As protectors, we travel where we must to right the wrongs of the wicked. They fear our coming.

We defend those who cannot defend themselves. We are the fighters, the tireless, often the outsiders and dissenters. 

We are the advocates, the soldiers –  we stand on the front line. We shed our blood for peace and for war.

Our weapons are many, our battlefields span the globe. We are the keepers of courage. We share all that we have among ourselves.  

We spend much time in the abyss. Sometimes we lose our way. 



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About Us

Bones of the Mother is an initiative of The Orisha Project. Our mission is an immersive experience into living while black. The multi-player online game is part role-play, part history, and part action.  A mix of fantasy and fact, the goal is to create a shared experience. Read More Here.

Our sister site is the eLearning academy, Basic Black.

About The Orisha Project

The Orisha Project is a small woman-owned startup in North Carolina. The goal of the project is to bring to light the untold history of Black people. We believe there is little hope for a common good without education and shared experiences.

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Phone:  (910) 502-3609

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We are as paperless as possible so we will not post our mailing address.  If there's a reason to provide it, please contact us.