Player FAQ

Quests, Magicks & clues


How it Works

Where to start?

Create an account and log in. From there, choose your player: Maker, Seeker, or Warrior.  Read the description of the skill each role has. Choose your avatar and look for a tribe.

What do you mean by tribe?

Tribes are another word for teams. Every tribe must include at least one Maker, Seeker, and Warrior. Tribes are limited to 9 members in any composition.

How to find a tribe?

Use the board interface to locate tribes looking for members. Choose one and request to join. If you can’t find one, post a new tribe request for members. Including yourself, your initial tribe needs a Warrior, Maker, and Seeker.

Are there any clues?

There are always clues. At each level, a general clue is given to help you start the quest. As you proceed, each clue leads you to another until you can find the piece of the map.

Where do the clues come from?

The initial clues for each quest are delivered by the three manifestations of the Supreme Beings. The 12 Orishas also deliver clues. They are deities in human form or perhaps spirits of the dead. These gods and goddesses appear regularly to help or to hinder your progress.

What are the quests?

There is a single mission: To find the bones of One True Mother. Each level and timeline is a quest for a piece of the map to her location. One clue leads to the next while you navigate the events in the timeline. Expect outside events to intervene. The tribe may need to defend itself, rebuild roads or bridges and fend off dark magicks.

How does the time portal work?

The time portal isn’t available until you complete the first quest, which is a journey to find the entrance and a supernatural key, Seekers toss sacred stones to look for a destination. Only Makers can read the scripts from the stones. 

Do we return to where we left?

No. You can jump from one timeline to another. Or at least you can try. The portal is not always easy to navigate, especially when an Orisha gets involved. They have their own agenda.

What about villains?

In every environment, there are agitators and villians. Seekers and Warriors have been known to go rogue. Orishas can be sent by the Gods to help or hinder your plans. Makers can be coerced into evil deeds. The forms they take will vary depending on the timeline you’re in. 

Can I buy things for my tribe?

Yes. There are opportunities for buying tools, weapons, and spells. They are based on points and where you are in the game.

This game is based on strategy and skill, not how much money you can spend.

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The Orishas

There is much to be said of the orishas.

About Us

Bones of the Mother is an initiative of The Orisha Project. Our mission is an immersive experience into living while black. The multi-player online game is part role-play, part history, and part action.  A mix of fantasy and fact, the goal is to create a shared experience. Read More Here.

Our sister site is the eLearning academy, Basic Black.

About The Orisha Project

The Orisha Project is a small woman-owned startup in North Carolina. The goal of the project is to bring to light the untold history of Black people. We believe there is little hope for a common good without education and shared experiences.

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