Gods Walk the Earth

Supreme Beings & Orishas

In ancient Africa, it was believed there was one God who manifested as a Trinity.  These Beings rule the heavens. They created Orishas, deities who walk the earth in human form.

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Supreme Beings

Though it appears there are three supreme beings, there are really three manifestations of what we would call God. In modern days, the holy trinity models a similar structure: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

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The Lord God of the Source of Creation

Olodumare is a divine entity that has no beginning. No father, no mother, he is the source of all things.  He is not constricted by space or time, an aloof, omnipotent god, he is uninterested in earthly affairs.  In today’s world, he would be God the Father.

The first manifestation.


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The Lord God of Heaven

Olorun, like Olodumare, is the alpha and omega. He presides over heaven but has more interest in humanity. He has created many of the Orishas, transforming divinity into human form. In today’s world, he might be considered God the Son.

The second  manifestation.

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The Lord God of the Palace, conduit between Heaven and Earth.

Olofi is the spark of god implanted in the human soul. He is the grace bestowed upon lesser beings from a beneficent God.  Olofi is the connection between two planes of existence.  He would be God the Holy Spirit.

The third  manifestation.


The Supreme Beings are all powerful watchers on high. But they are not above involving themselves in human affairs. They dispatch Orishas to do their bidding. The will of God is not always aligned with the will of the people.

The Orishas

There is much to be said of the Orishas. The stories of their origins vary. Some say they are humans elevated to godly status by Olorun. Others believe they are spirits of the dead, returned to human form. Either way, they walk the earth as gods, with their own agendas. You will encounter them on your journey. Approach them with deference. Summon them at your own risk.

 The Orishas are powerful hunters, warriors and sorcerers. They command fire, wind, the seas. Volcanos erupt, harvests prosper and tricks are played. Are they good? Are they evil? They are both and yet are neither. Merely gods with moods, amusing themselves with lesser beings, sometimes helpful, sometimes petulant, sometimes enraged. Do not speak unless spoken to.


Deity of volcanos and deserts



Deity of thunder and lightning,
male sexuality



Deity of wind, hurricanes, a powerful sorceress



Deity of wisdom, divination and foresight



Deity of hunting and scouting, avenger of the accused



Divine mother of mankind and divinity of the sea, wife of Ọbàtálá



Deity of crossroads, trickster, messenger to the Gods.



Deity of beauty, love, and fertility, and divinity of the rivers.



Deity of agriculture and
the harvest



Deity of domesticity and marriage, Sango’s banished wife



Deity of the rainbow serpent, guardian of children, change sexes.



Deity of humankind, spiritual and moral uprightness



The Orishas are sometimes sent by God to intervene in a situation. They cannot be deterred from that mission. But they can also appear of their own volition and decide to help or hinder your cause.

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